TikuTire nv is specialized in the import and distribution of very good used tires and new tires. As wholesaler, we deliver our tires to retailers, who in turn supply tires to care owners in Suriname with very good quality used tires or new tires.


The car owner can also visit our location; in our completely furnished workplace we repair and replace your tires.


Because of our large turnover and our company operations whereby we do everything ourselves, we are able to keep prices low. We purchase the tires ourselves in countries in Europe, store them in our distribution center in The Netherlands, load them into containers, arrange the transport, unload the containers here and deliver those to the retailers and wholesalers.


Our stock is replenished four to six times a year. On the basis of our years of experience with delivery to tire sales and tire repair shops and our knowledge of the Surinamese tire market, we always have all conventional sizes of used tires in stock.  And not just used tires, we also have new tires for you in stock. 

We are also the right place for you to order whole containers full of used or new tires. These are shipped directly from our distribution center in The Netherlands to Suriname.


If you prefer, we take care of the whole transport process. From filling the container in The Netherlands, the shipment, the customs clearance here in Suriname to the road transport of the container straight to your door.


We have a workplace for private individuals. We are the right place for your repairs or, if needed, transfer a new tire. If needed, we also place a new nozzle.

We are also the right place for your new tires. The supply is, because of the demand, limited.

 Very often, we can assist you immediately in case you purchase tires, you need a repair or you need a transfer. 


We value each customer at TikuTire NV: the merchant who purchases some, dozens or more tires simultaneously, the customer whose tire is being repaired or replaced, the customer who askes advice: we talk to everyone and assist when we can.


You want to be sure that 

* you get a fast service?

* we have your tire in stock?         

Call us or WhatsApp on (+597) 7515306

TIKUTIRE NV offers you a wide package and guarantees that

each customer gets what he expects