It is very important that your tires are always in good condition in respect of the traffic safety. A flat tire is awful.  Make sure that you have a spare tire in your car which you can use temporarily if you encounter this problem on the road.


If the air in your tire left quickly, your tire is probably not seriously damaged and repair is still possible.  Sometimes the cause is clear: a nail or a screw in the tire. Sometimes there is a leak through a dysfunctional valve or a leak through the edge of the tire and the wheel. We can solve all these problems quickly.  Of course, we will use repair materials of high quality.


The mounting is done by one of our experienced mechanics. Repair of a tire is not done with a clot from the outside. The tire is taken off the wheel and the repair is done from the inside. If necessary, a new valve is placed.

Before we start repairing the tire, we will first inspect it inside and outside.

On the basis of our findings, we will advise you to repair or replace the tire.


In most cases we can assist you immediately with the repair of the tire.

You want to be sure of a fast service? Please make an appointment via the phone number or Whatsapp (+597) 8482609. 

Finished while you wait!