TikuTire nv is an expert in used tires. For years, we have delivered good quality used tires to retailers and wholesalers in Suriname. We buy these tires ourselves abroad, load them ourselves into containers, ship them to Suriname, where we unload the containers ourselves after which we distribute the tires to all parts of Suriname.  Lately, we have also distributed tires to French Guyana and Guyana.


Our clients, retail and wholesalers, make often requests to have new tires delivered to them. Recently, we have started filling in that demand. TIKUTIRE NV now also delivers new tires.  We have a limited stock, but of course with the reliable good quality.


You want to be sure that we deliver the new tires as you expect?

Four to six times a year, we supplement our stock. In case you have special wishes with regard to new tires, please let us know in time. We deliver customized tires.


When you order, we let you know what the approximate price and delivery time will be.